De keynote van Afdhel is Engelstalig en betreft Good is the new cool – Wat betekent het als je purpose als strategie neemt voor je organisatie?

Purpose is the buzzword of the moment, with billion-dollar purpose-driven brands like Tesla, Patagonia and Adidas leading the cultural revolution around business as a force for good. But what is purpose? What are some of the myths and misconceptions around it? And how can business and governmental leaders harness its power in order to create compelling brand propositions for a new generation of socially aware consumers and citizens— as well as attracting the best employee talent who want to do meaningful work? How do corporate communications deal with accusations of purpose-washing and the new era of cancel culture?

Join Afdhel Aziz, Chief Purpose Officer of Conspiracy of Love, a leading global purpose consultancy, as he reveals insights from his new book  ’The Principles of Purpose’.

“Purpose is the growth story of the 21st Century. For any organisation wanting to reap the rewards of this new triple bottom line, this book shows them how.”– Paul Polman, former CEO Unilever

Moderator: Koenraad van Hasselt, Head of Political Affairs and Media Relations Tennet

Uitzending: dinsdag 22 juni om 16:15 uur

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